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This is the Diary of Larel Escoto


5 August
me? im a misunderstood child who gives you a vacant stare and a constant smile while i think everything, and when i say everything i mean everything, thoughts rush through my mind too fast for me to remember what i was thinkin of at that moment. i dunno. i'm unique, unusual. when i look i animate your death and rebirth and i think bad and yet wonderful thoughts. i dont like you. stop lookin at me.
510, adam4adam, adriana lima, adrianne curry, aerobics, america's next top model, american eagle, american idol, angel, angelina jolie, anti hate, arabian, art, asia, bargains, beast, beauty, bi-polar, bisexual, black tea, blink, booger, buffy, buttcrack, california, camera, cammy, carrie underwood, cell, chinese, chun li, coach, contact, cookies, cooking, cum, curvacious, cyclops, damn it, dancing, downe, downelink, eating, elyse sewell, eva pigford, eye liner, eye shadow, eyelash extentions, fall, fashion, faux hawks, filipino, finger nails, fuck, full lips, gamecube, gap, gay, german, germany's next top model, green tea, halle berry, happy, harry potter, heart broken, heidi klum, hooker, horny, hug, internet, japanese anime, jayla, jean grey, jill valentine, kelly clarkson, king kong, kiss, lady deathstrike, larel, lense, leon richardson, lesbian, lindsay lohan, love, malaysian, mariah carey, matrix, model, monosyllabic, movie, music, myspace, naima mora, narnia, nicole linkletter, nightcrawler, nipple, pansexual, pheonix, photography, photoshop, pnoy, proud, ps3, puma, purses, resident evil, rice, runway, sad, sex, shopping, short hair, simpsons, singing, slap, sleep, slut, smile, snot, spring, storm, suck, sugar, summer, t shirts, techno, thailand's next top model, the killers, thick, thin, time, toe nails, tyra banks, unibrow photography, upn, utada hikaru, victoria's secret, video games, volcom, wendy's, white castle, whore, wigs, winter, wolverine, working out, x-men, xbox 360, yay area