Larel (constantsmile) wrote,


lets see. this is exciting, my interview is Tuesday morning 1130 am on coffee//standiford location of Sutter Memorial. i gotta remember to study for the job. Print new resume in resume paper. ACE the interview. and resist all temptations. geez. fantasy kinda made me feel sexy. weird. i want to feel squarish but affection makes me feel sexy. bring it on crotch. hittin the gym tonight. mmmm Volleyball. bring it on bitches, you tall overgrown skinny anorexing white bitches. i dont care if you're 6'4. bitch. lol i love Vball. it brings the physically agressive animal out of me. real dolls are awesome. lol they should mold me. haha. street fighter is on the dvd player. love austin powers 2. someone remind me to look for my account in kaiser so that i may reapply. =) love yall. bye sexless-lovers and friends
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